I want new clothes. Gluttonously. I have hated my entire wardrobe every morning for weeks, even though, if I inventory it properly, there are many, many things which I like. And I do pride myself on having a good eye and a curious eye and a thrifty eye. (Yes, yes, three eyed lady, move on, nothing to see here etc.) Many people will right now be snorting out loud if they are reading this.
I know. I know I dress often ridiculously. But when you are under five feet tall, it is easy to be slightly ridiculous without really trying very hard.

I also pride myself on enjoying clothes, but not to the point of being obsessed by them. I like to look nice, and I like to look nice in certain specific ways, but I would very much hope that my clothes are the least exciting and least important thing about me.
I bought this today and really like it. I am having kittens of joy over the velvet revival element of the current eighties trend. YUM. Echoes of fat childhood and fancy dress. What could be better?

It has been an egg week this week, and that means a week of concocting things in the kitchen and making other people eat them. Now, my baking is important. Almost obsessively, since I was once told I couldn’t do it.

And this means beautiful scarlet syrups calling to me from the pantry (curiously above headheight – how on earth did I get it there?)

The bottle is gorgeous, with little glass flowers and an adorable lid:

And rose flavoured syrup has two main benefits – delicious Turkish delight scented cakes, and their fiercely pink colour.