I had forgotten that you could hear people in the loo from through my bedroom wall.

Sometimes I get that mood.

That awful, angry, nobody will ever want to employ me/I have wasted my life thus far restless energy which will not leave but which is not powerful enough to overcome the overwhelming and paralysing ‘applyforjobs/flatinlondon/phd?/travel?/praygodIdonotenduplivingathome’ fear

Fuck it.

There are other, powerful, wonderful things in the world:

and some things which help you revel in your anger, and remember that the power you carry in your fingertips and hips and mind is sufficient:

It is feeling cold, under-exercised, and unsexy. Potently poor combination, but one which is so very, very easily combat-able:

Remembrance of beautiful things.

Anticipation of things to come

Knowing the world has places you can escape to.

And knowing you have escaped to some of them already.