I met Immodesty Blaize the other night.

Now, there may be those of you reading this who do not know who she is: who cannot grasp the magnitude and splendour of the occasion. There is only one way to illustrate it – using images and video which are not mine, I just caught them in my inter-net:

Isn't she incredible?

Not only did I meet her by chance, but it was during the best impromptu date ever – a trip to see her new film Burlesque Undressed (reviewed under the link by the Guardian.

It was not an excellent film. The Guardian are, in fact, spot on. Immodesty Blaize does very well for herself in the film, and it is an excellent advert for her – amazing – live shows. The audience were all women, except for some men dressed as sailors, and the idea of burlesque as a depiction of retro female sexuality by straight women for straight women (perhaps to use as templates for projecting their own ‘bombshell sexuality’, a sexual identity not dependent on a media-approved modern figure, or currently fashionable sexual ideals) was completely cemented.

Burlesque might be sexy, but it is more charming than arousing, and is not longer naughty in the way it would perhaps need to be to capture a male audience.

However, there were sequins a-plenty, and high-kicking, and as much naff glamour as one girl could ever need. I have been high-kicking in joy ever since, and simply cannot keep my clothes on!