A short, sweet, and undoubtedly unpalatable roundup from the darker corners of my internet browsing
history – otherwise known as:

What gets me through coming to terms with my basic ignorance of the evolution of humanist attitudes to translation less than two weeks before my essay has to be handed in.

it runs, thus:

This is deliciously, disgustingly, tacky and terrible. An awful song, sung badly, with an even worse video. But on some level, I love it. I love it for its tawdriness, its dreary sexuality: the opposite, I suppose, of how I view burlesque.

I have also been enjoying various outrageous-nesses.
The first, is the life and works of Tee Corinne

The second is this shop:


The pearls are so, so beautiful. I have always been a sucker for pearls, and mostly I prefer them unrealistically expensive and antique. But they have so many pretty, fresh, and original settings. I am the proud owner of a sweet pale pink string of pearls on organza, and I can tell you now that it is the nicest, most wearable piece of jewelry I have owned for ages.

The third is a slow process of salivation over the prospect of – post deadlines – making this cake.
I may make it for my own birthday, classy burd that I am:

Red Velvet Cake

A deliciously seductive and surprising cake-based treat.

A deliciously seductive and surprising cake-based treat.

The fourth, is the BBC Series ‘Coming of Age’
It is written by a teenager, and must be made on a budget of fifty pence per episode. It is almost hysterically unfunny, and I am absolutely gutted that the series is finished.

This ought to give you some vague idea of the quality viewing pleasure you too can glean from it: