I have CV angst.

And not even a fresh mackerel barbecue and a brisk trot around Arthur’s Seat (pausing to watch a fashion show of rabbits, each lopping past with a wee ginger spot in their fur where the crease of the neck is deepest, and gorgeous brown eyes) can relieve my symptoms.

So, demonstrating the procrastinatory tendencies which are probably my only actual problem, I (with a little help from P), compiled a play list to deal with rage, frustration, gloom, and probably period pains.

Now, I am as wary of Crystal Castles as the next eardrum nurturing twenty-something, but this particular track is so sumptuously escapist that it makes Jilly Cooper look like Lucy Irigaray. Now, I can indulge my pretensions toward being cool, and turn this up so loud that the floor shakes and the prospect of unemployment becomes suddenly charming and filled with the potential time allowance required for planning and executing your own illegal raves:

But if you want your gloom dispelling anthem to be a little less mind-altering and a little heavier on the charm (and excellent telephone sounds) then look no further than this slice of delicous, girl’s night out esque, musical pie (see? PIE. Everyone cheers up when there is pie).

And finally, after you have rages to Crystal Castles, and begun to cheer up with Professor Green, I recommend a short, sweet mouthful of Royksopp to see you smiling on your way:

And if you still aren’t happy, then you are a curmudgeonly mudgeon, and ought to be chased round Salisbury Crags in your underwear whilst reciting Proust.