Well hello teamsters,

(Unlikely any teamsters will be reading this, but I can never tell which historic work forces might, from beyond the grave, be fixed on my ramblings. Hello also chimney-sweeps and dragon-tamers.)

Basically, a wee excuse to post things I have enjoyed this month.

A brilliant friend sent me this to scare off a bad day:

In other sounds,a picture of a rather brilliant steam organ:

Keep your puns to your self.

And looking forward to being up north, still job hunting, but at least doing so in a rural environment.

I must go down, etc. Although wouldn't know what to do with a tall ship.

I might also have been writing poems about Greeks, but rather than plague you with unfinished business, have this rather rousing film clip instead:

And finally, in counterpoint to young women giving their lives, here is Stevie Nicks, giving her soul:watch?v=c5N39KTc0kk

Now, I am off to convince the world that it is I they ought to employ, based solely upon my knowledge of art. To convince everyone that I know what art looks like, I leave you with this:

Duchamp, I love you.