Pitt Cue Co. are an authentic american BBQ van located under Hungerford Bridge on the Southbank. (Although, crucially, they are only there until September so GET YOUR SKATES ON).
Now, I never write food reviews normally, and certainly not reviews for food outlets that I have never actually eaten a full meal in. However, I have to make an exception here.

I had heard about Pitt Cue Co. first from Helen Graves (no, I don’t mean she personally told me, I am nowhere near that cool) but she reviewed it Here

The food looks delectable, doesn’t it – and I was so excited! But, long story short, I got there and they were shut!!

So, slightly crestfallen, we asked if they had *really* stopped serving, given that this wee Scot had come down to London with Pitt Cue Co. in mind.

Delicious Pig for all.

At that point, the nicest man in the world popped out of the trailer. He was the proprieter, and incredibly chatty, generous man who then proceeded to shower us liberally with delectable titbits.

This image is small (and these are not us, I apologise for any copyright) but I think this is the nicest man in the world here.

We tried the best rye bread in the world. And the best soda bread. And fennel coleslaw. And other coleslaw. And the best baked beans in Britain (Boston baked beans, I think they are called?) They seem to involve molasses and slow cooking and sweet smokey tastes.

Then, the most amazing finisher: dried apricots soaked in whiskey. I can’t remember if it was Rye or Bourbon or simply the nectar of the gods, but my lord, they were sweet and smooth with a kick like a camel.

We traded these for a mouthful of homemade ginger beer. It was somewhat yeasty and did not do the cuisine justice, but what’s a girl to do?

There were seats, it was sheltered under the bridge (although we had sunshine) and it was perfect. Other blogs have bemoaned the price (£7 for a meat+beans of your choice) but frankly, given the price of fast food, the quality of the ingredients, the doubtless high rent and the incredible service, I would pay a tenner. Anyday.

I only hope I get back there for real pork before it leaves.

It was such a nice chance encounter, and it really made me feel a tingly warmth for other people (although that might have been those apricots).

What I want next time.