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Poetry is wonderful. But in a world where we consume words in public spaces, it is not usually possible to read it aloud.

This is a terrible shame. In most poetry, the sound and feel of the words is at least as important as the form or the punctuation. It is as if we are reading in black and white, rather than glorious technicolour.

So, a girl I know, who, as a translation student is hyper aware of the importance of sound, rythm and speech patterns in understanding and appreciating verse, began a website.

People Reading Poems

It is, quite simply, a collection of people (not the author) reading poems that they like. Genius.

Weird, right? Internet pictures are so odd.

It is such a rich, glorious resource. It has helped me understand poems, discover new poets, and enjoy the multiple voices of people, alive today, who also love words.

Reading a poem aloud has never been easier, even if you aren’t an actor.

You can record them straight onto your computer or, if you fancy, download the audio programme audacity, which allows for easy recording and saving in a number of easy-to-email formats.

In a blue peter style, here is one I recorded earlier, using audacity. See how easy it is?

So go on, check it out! I promise it will change your life. And if it doesn’t? Then read me a poem that adequately expresses your feelings of betrayal.