Tuesday – tears in the loo day. But I did finally learn how to proofread, so, schwings and roundabouts. Sometimes, I am of the opinion that if every person in an office job was allowed to send only ten emails a day, we would all be far, far more productive. A minority view.

Not the only song about Tuesday out there, and perhaps a left-field choice, but you have to admit its the sort of song you want to hear when you are leaving Tuesday FAR BEHIND YOU.

News from the edge, however, is this:

I am writing on the tube and today a very paranoid looking muttery man seemed to believe I was writing about him. I drove him off the train, I think.

I worry people can read what I am writing (mainly notes to myself like ‘You cannot call a lonely town ‘Outlier’, what age are you?’) but the proofreading teacher today told me I write ‘as if I am a left handed person forced to write with their right hand’ (gee, thanks), so no worries on that front.

Things I think you should be into this week include but are not limited to:

My friend Kerry’s amazing food blog.

And the following educational video, about Meiosis:

Well, its more than I knew this morning!