Sainsbury’s, I have a question. Why sell your value satsumas as ‘value soft citrus’? Apart from the various other complaints I have, I wonder WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS A HARD CITRUS????

In other news, I have barely left the house, so that is basically the big news round these parts.

I have been listening to this:

whilst making things which are secret and mean I am covered in glue.

I also made candied walnuts and answered the age-old question ‘how many candied walnuts before you want to die?’ (Answer, 7.)

I then listening to lots and lots of Orbital and had that wonderful numbing joy that I seem only to have triggered by very specific types of music. Or it could have been candied-walnut induced psychosis.



The final highlight of this weekend was being on a train with a million football fans and being unable to work out which team had won. What has happened to JOY? (Another question for Sainsbury’s, I don’t doubt.)