Well, hello.

I have missed being here. Its rather nice to come back.

Shan’t be abandoning here again in a hurry, so settle in.

What have I been busy with, in absentia?

Planning, dying my hair red (I look like a highland cow caught in sunset), trying to remember how to flirt, visiting wonderful friends and going on adventures involving forests full of naked men, and bowties found by dogwalkers.


I also had my first Albert Hall experience, and was breathless with excitement as Barenboim did marvellous things to Beethoven’s 7th. I felt like a child at the ballet.

My friend and I perched in the (excellent) cheap seats for Matthew Bourne’s Play Without Words  and were quite pleased. It was good fun, it made me want to own a cricket jumper.

I have been cultivating crushes on celebrities, which I never do, including Rupert Graves and the entire GB Women’s Football Team.



I been spending all my money on Auden and fancy dresses, dinner and train tickets and that feeling of escaping I’ve remembered.

There has been meditation and walking in the park and all those things.

I also shattered a glass shelf in my own face (took me ages to get glass out of my hair), had spectacular food poisoning at work, have got on the wrong tube and nearly had my phone cut off.


Swings and roundabouts, then.