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Happy campers, I have a confession:

whilst you guddle about in the shallows (or more depressingly, depths) of my mind on here, there are other, far better minds, in which you could be guddling.


Consider this my Follow Friday. I know you’re sitting at work bored. We all know that. Don’t go and ‘reapply you liptstick’ in the loo just yet. These people might make your day.


Firstly, one of the best poets I have ever met, Olly Evans. He is also, genuinely, a puppet master. These are beyond wonderful, and when I read them I feel as if I am sailing through space terribly fast, and ashamed of my grubby prose. (And yes it is all a link. Click ANYWHERE!)

Secondly, the fierce and wonderful Rachel McCrum, who reached the finals of the BBC Slam poetry competition. She’s fucking great.


Thirdly, a video for when you’re fucked off, and paid too little, and an overeducated, lost, little bundle of privilege. Perfect for the secret fist bump.


Sophie Hannah’s poetry. I know, I didn’t realise either, but once you’re past the bestselling crime, they, and this particularly, is gorgeous.

Something and Nothing

If you had known how little
you would have had to give
to drum into this brittle
hope the desire to live

would you have changed the venue,
your greeting or your tone
or planned things better when you
knew we’d have hours alone

and if you heard a hollow
voice spit these ill-advised
questions, would nothing follow?
I wouldn’t be surprised.

(first published in Poetry Review, Winter 2004/2005)


As re-imaginings go, Austen has been done to death. All of the possible manifestations, and lets stop talking about zombies now, my god.

But this youtube drama is marvellous. 

Here is the first episode to get you hooked.



And finally? Yes, you knew, it thus far had walked the right side of fucking twee. Here goes.

Joy the Baker. She is wonderful. Posy? Perhaps, but with great recipes, and sometimes, the sort of life advice that stops you just on the right side of weeping.

Joy the Baker


Oh buggery, let us not forget. As the most effective prophylactic yet, I’ve signed up for Butterfly Pinning Classes at the London School of Taxidermy.

I’m just sad I couldn’t afford to dismember a fox.

Have a gorgeous weekend.