Sometimes I need to be very quiet for a while. Stay in bed, or at least in the house, and rest. Its a nice time to clean things, to write things, but often I am so tired that I just doze.

Rather than wish it didn’t happen (and it probably only happens once a month), but when it does I like to make the best of it.


Today, this is the best of it:


If you’ve never had the pleasure, then listen to this repeat of Professor Nebulous, among the most joke-packed radio shows I have ever heard. If you like puns, this is the show for you. (‘I think I’m coming down with St Conjunctivitus Dance’ – a favourite.)

If you’d rather plan your next venture, here is a review what I wrote of a play what I saw.

And if you fancy something fun to watch, you could do far worse than Gary: Tank Commander.

And if you can go out (as I will later, to the supermarket) then I can highly recommend this to bop around to. It will make you want to curl up and die on the first listen, but by the third, I can guarantee you will never rid yourself of it.

So sit back,