Today’s note comes from Hatti Whitman (@hattiw). You can find her where she blogs as the beautifully named  http://secondstartotherightandyouknowtherest.wordpress.com/ 



It seems so long ago, now,

and indeed it is forever,

since I was wrenched from golden girlhood,

to this shadowland below.

My mother’s voice is tearful

and she says ‘Do you not see?

the trees have wept their leaves, my daughter

and point naked to the sky.’

But still I taste each moment,

(for it lingers on the tongue)

the pomegranate sweet-sharp –

the seed he bade me eat.

A prelude to endless shadows

and to his cool grey gaze.

How to tell them that I love him

though he took me from the sun?

Three drops of jewelled brightness

for three months below the earth.

They may call me summer’s daughter

but my heart lies with the dark.

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