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Today’s Note from a Mythical Woman is from Eurydice, and is sent in by Lucy Kelsall. Lucy currently lives and works in Iceland. 




I watch you sometimes. The RulesMen Are From MarsHe’s Just Not That Into You. They’re not the right answers, because they’re not the right questions.

He may or may not be into you. He might walk into Hades for you. He might charm three sets of canines, premolars, the whole damn jaw.

But none of this matters, if he walks out alone.

Don’t fall in love with a man, or a woman, or a stone, or a god, or a water-nymph (how I once loved a water-nymph).

Even if he can sing. Even if she has hair that plays like a fountain, and eyes like tomorrow.

Don’t fall in love, until you have first taken time for your own mind, and your heart, and your bones, and your blood. For no-one can save you but yourself, my dear.

And wear strong shoes.