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Today’s Note from a Mythical Woman comes from Hope and was sent in by my old school friend Stephanie Marchington. 




Need me? Well I’m here anyway. I can see you’re ready to give in, the sense of defeat that radiates from your shattered soul shines dark and heavy, drawing me closer. I am there. At the bottom of your pit of self-loathing, beneath the rubble of your self-esteem. Your wasted, diseased body lies broken and frail, but I am the light burning fiercely in your eyes. Every disaster, every moment of fear or surprise, leads me to you. When the bullets fly and all which you hold close and dear leans over the precipice of destruction, I will be the one who warms the sorry corners of your heart.
Remember this. I am your way back, your way forward. I line the sun-strewn avenue that leads to the happiness you left behind.
I’m at the bottom of the box, past the despair, if only you wait for me.