Sometimes, the birds sing at the right time, waking up at six am feels like a blessing, your body isn’t a millstone, it is a great wide pair of wings, your friends are vivid in front of you, the city is tangible – the smell of it exciting, the pavement warm under your feet with hyper-reality.

Some days, food is not political, the wind is warm, the sights you see are kind, the transport you take seamless and convenient, your home clean and welcoming, your bed soft, your eyes heavy, your soul light.

Clean body, full stomach, jobs done, and things in order for the next day.

Sometimes, you stroke dogs on the pavement, coo at babies who coo back, talk to smiling stallholders and link arms with people you love, and you feel as if the whole world is tripping out before you like a game and a gift.


Today, these past fews days, have been those days. I am thankful with every fibre of my being, and in love with being alive.